My Week, As a "Best-of" List

Best Chair: Last summer, the Center for Jewish History "refreshed" its reading room. Part of the face lift involved purchasing new chairs for patrons. They are, hands down, the greatest desk chairs  I have ever sat upon. They're not "ergonomic" in the way that some chairs prop your lumbar spine into alignment--these chairs actually support your spine starting with your tuchus. The seat somehow inspires your core to get itself together and sit you up straight. The back panel lightly brushes against you, gently encouraging you to keep it up (pun intended). Despite sitting in these seats for hours each day, I never experience any discomfort. Is this the longest you've ever heard someone wax poetic about a rolling desk chair? Trust me, I could go on...

And a profile shot, so you can see the elegant curve of the chair back:

Best Coffee: With a few clear exceptions*, I think that the best cup of coffee is the one that you're currently drinking. My endorsement this week goes to Think Coffee, which opened a location on 6th Avenue at 16th Street a few months ago. I finally tried their house brew for the first time on Monday, and then went again on Tuesday, and again on Thursday. Excellent coffee, convenient location, and I also recommend the carrot muffins.

*Instant, gas station brews, weak diner coffee, etc.

Best New Restaurant: Harlem Shake. They serve up a diner-style burger with two thin patties sandwiched around a perfectly melted slice of American cheese. The secret sauce and pickles are a pairing on par with chocolate and peanut butter. Also, the fries are crisp and perfectly salted. Milkshakes and fountain Diet Coke are a must. And you'll need to take a long walk afterwards, followed by a nap. Listen to me: you'll want to eat it again the next day. Don't bother resisting. If it makes you feel better, sub in the kale caesar salad for the fries.

Best Restaurant, revisited: A tie between Lido and The Meatball Shop. Both are consistently excellent Italian-inspired fare.

Best Document: Apparently the Board of this Jewish Community Center came down with a mysterious ailment in December 1968....

Best Customer Service Experience: The Genius Bar at the Apple Store on 14th Street. My computer problems did not end last week, and on Monday I had to leave the archive early to seek professional help. I couldn't get my photos to transfer off my iPad, and everything I tried just slowed my computer down until it was practically unusable. I walked 4 avenues over to the Apple Store and after only a 15 minute wait, I had a Mac Genius setting it all straight. I still need to upgrade my memory (RAM) when I return to Pittsburgh, but everything is now functional (if pathetically slow). 

Best Dog: Ruthie Bader Ginsburg, of course. 

Ruthie likes: long walks, squirrels, and sleeping in my lap.

Ruthie dislikes: being ignored while I work on my computer.