Is reading that document one more time the best way for you to spend your afternoon? After several drafts of any text--be it a book manuscript, article, grant application, or strategic plan--it becomes difficult to identify if there are problems in your writing. Are there grammatical errors or awkward sentences? Is there an idea missing that could accentuate your point and make it clearer for the reader? Turning your work over to an editor saves you time and increases the likelihood that your final product will read clearly and compellingly.


What I Offer

I edit any text that’s written in English.

  • I eliminate grammar errors and confusing language.

  • I check for consistent formatting throughout a document.

  • I verify that manuscripts complies with a publication or press's submission guidelines.

  • I help you find and foreground your key point or argument.

  • I identify areas where more evidence is needed to support your claims, and where content can be cut without sacrificing your argument.

Why Use an Editor?

Quite simply, by hiring an editor you can feel more confident that you will deliver a polished product to your audience and increase the likelihood that your work will be accepted for publication, land you a client, or win you a grant. 

Why Choose Me?

I have a lot of experience reading other people's work! 


"I hired Avigail to provide big-picture developmental suggestions and edits on my book manuscript, and am delighted with the results. We established goals for the editing process together, and she kept those front-and-centre as she read the manuscript, providing me with a reader's report full of insightful questions and suggestions, and a checklist to help implement them. I would recommend her services to any academic looking to improve their writing process."

Daniel Ross, Assistant Professor, Département d'histoire, Université du Québec à Montréal

"I am a historian of philosophy. I am not a native English speaker, so I hired Avigail to proofread a paper that I was preparing for a conference in English. I was not looking just for a spelling or grammar proofreading. I was looking for the careful and “brave” editor which I had never found before. I wanted my editor to make my text more natural to a native English speaker, even if it meant completely changing the structure of a sentence, shortening it, or replacing words with synonyms which fit better. Avigail’s editing has been exactly what I was looking for, and even more. She made my text more natural to a native speaker, by changing the structure of sentences, replacing words in order to avoid repetitions or to be more accurate, and offering me different options for adjusting sentences when they were unclear. Also, she added comments in order to help me to understand the reasons for these changes, and send me a general commentary, which provided an overview for the edits she made. I really appreciated these comments and explanations, because they will be very useful to me when writing my next papers in English. Finally, Avigail is very accurate in delivery times as well."

Laura N.

It was my great good fortune to work with Avigail Oren in completing a book manuscript for the University of California Press.  She is one of the best editors I have encountered in my 35 years of publishing -- smart, skilled, efficient, and pro-active.  I recommend her in the strongest possible terms.

Marcus Rediker, Distinguished Professor, University of Pittsburgh


Rates and Turnaround Times

For each individual project, I charge a flat project fee that takes into account: 

  • Manuscript pages (measured in words)

  • Desired level of feedback and review:

    • Copy editing: reviewing punctuation and spelling; identifying typos and errors; and ensuring consistent formatting

    • Stylistic editing: correcting grammar; making suggestions regarding style and phrasing; identifying unclear and confusing prose

    • Developmental editing: evaluating argumentation and evidence; critical review of structure and organization; suggestions for revision

  • English-language proficiency

  • Appendices, bibliographies, and/or charts

  • Time frame requested for turnaround

You can read more about my terms, conditions, and definitions of services here.

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